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I specialize in customizing WordPress templates, which allows you to update the site yourself.

“Can’t I do that on Squarespace or Wix?!”
Yes, you can…
But if time is valuable to you, I’m the person who can make your life simpler.

If you are looking to get your online presence going, or maybe, spruce up an older site to be mobile friendly, or even convert a site to WordPress so you can update it yourself, I am ready to get started.

Not sure yet!

I get it, you want to get to know me a little before you commit. Most of my work comes through referrals, so you can take a look at?the Testimonials. Or maybe you’d rather let my Portfolio speak for itself. I’m good either way. I like to do research too. I’m an actor.

We love research.

About Me

Jim Poulos

Jim Poulos

Actor - WordPress Developer

  • I am primarily an actor.
  • I have been designing websites since 2007.
  • I’ve designed for actors, directors, casting directors, theatre companies, small businesses and bloggers. I have worked as part of?a design team with?Third Rail: The Invisible Power (formerly Graphic Focus), a company based in Sacramento, CA.
  • I have worked with web designers and their clients to adapt older sites into a responsive/mobile friendly layout. I have converted a website designed in PSD to WordPress.
  • I am skilled enough to create a custom WordPress theme from scratch, but sometimes that’s just not necessary. I often use a Bootstrap 4 based theme, or, the DIVI theme + Advanced Custom Fields. And, when it’s time to put the special sauce on, I can make those fancy animations happen.
  • I am collaborative, and strive to create a site that is content driven, with a feel that represents the client’s personality or aesthetic.
  • I am currently a full time Web Dev at Pulse Creative, NYC.

Let me hear from the people!

Jim Poulos is a master actor and a master web designer. He brings the same kind of discipline and creativity that infuses his work on stage to his work on the web, and is a delight to work with, start to finish, top to bottom. Jim presents a myriad of terrific ideas, is unafraid to try something different, and works efficiently for the maximum impact and most far-reaching results. He spends time getting to know his clients so the work he does for them reflects who they are (rather than who he is), and delivers results promptly and on time. As is the case whenever he’s acting, he accepts direction, makes adjustments, and is unafraid to state his point of view. Jim’s vast experience in the field: Broadway, West End, touring, and regional theatres and festivals provides him with a solid foundation from which he can launch any number of projects and helps make his work varied, imaginative, specific, and inventive. He also understands technology in a way many do not, and keeps up to date with current advances in the field.
In addition to his talent, his artistry, and his professionalism, he is one funny guy. We laugh a lot whenever we work together — on stage and in the webisphere — which always makes collaborating an unadulterated pleasure. I cannot recommend Jim Poulos highly enough.

Paul Barnes


Jim?s the best!?I asked him to set up a WordPress site for me that I could change from time to time.?Not only did he help me create a great structure, layout, and look for the overall site, but he taught me all the processes I needed to know in order to update any of my content:?changing out media, adding pages, you name it ? Jim knows how to get it done and how to explain it in concise and understandable terms. And he?s a phone call or an email away if I need a refresher course. I love my site.?I love how it looks, how it moves, how it?s organized and how accessible it is.?Jim?s a great collaborator and he made the design process a total blast. He?s quick, he?s smart, and he has a solution for any challenge you might come across. Run, don?t walk, to work with him!

Gregg Coffin

Owner, Little Spaceman Music

Jim actually knew what I wanted for my website better than I did.?We collaborated on ideas and he came up with an amazing design that looks impressive, welcoming and professional.?It captures my personality and I?ve even gotten auditions and callbacks from it!

Rachael Logue

Actor, Director, Producer, Writer,

When we first created my website in 2010 I knew nothing of the Web World and still don?t. But it doesn?t matter since?Jim takes care of everything: updating, fixes, and keeping current with the latest technologies. All I do is provide information/content and Jim does everything else. I couldn?t be happier! Turnaround with updates is always quick and collaborative: he posts and proofs; I double proof; it?s up and going; no muss, no fuss.?He makes great suggestions about both content and layout, and delivers what I think I want with the eye of the professional that he is.?I?ve always been extremely happy with my website; the look, the colors, how easy it is to navigate, the practicality of the layout?and, the price is reasonable and fair (and deductible)!

Tim Ocel


Jim was the right person to ask to create my web site. He was?responsive and patient with my nearly total ignorance of the process.?The site looks great and works well. If there are problems he?s on them immediately. I?ve asked him to maintain the site for me, and he changes text and adds pictures and video promptly and at a very reasonable cost. You won?t be sorry if you engage him.

Richard Poe

Actor, Audiobook Narrator,

Jim created my web page and updates it for me. The final product was lovely and everyone has said how interesting and complete it is.?I know nothing NOTHING about making a web page, so, Jim took the wheel and did it all for me.?I made some suggestions after he printed it and we were off to the races. For me it was worry free and quick.

Peggy Cosgrave


Jim was absolutely great to work with. He and I are in the same field, so he understood instantly the work I wanted to promote. He listened carefully to what I was looking for, accommodated my ideas, and made excellent suggestions to enhance them. We were able to create the site over a period of time which fit my schedule. He was also very patient with my, shall we say, lack of skill with the computer, always willing to walk me through the various aspects of maintaining my site on my own. He created my site a few years ago, but has been diligent in checking up on it and updating as needed. Also, his prices are very reasonable and I feel I got a great deal. Whenever someone tells me they want a website, I always recommend Jim!

Carine Montbertrand

Actor, Narrator, Teacher,

I love working with Jim. He is fast, an extremely clear communicator (and sometimes coach when we need to help a client see what they really need instead of what they want), and an extremely masterful WordPress designer. Jim has zero ego when it comes to his work. All he wants is to take care of me and my clients and create as much value as he can in the process. Do yourself a favor, just put your job in his hands and let him guide you. Our clients have been thrilled with the projects we have worked on and I am so grateful to have JP3 as a member of our team.

Joe Zaniker

Owner, Third Rail: The Invisible Power Behind Your Brand

Jim is our go-to answer for WordPress design collaborations. For our own site, Jim took our concept and content then developed a fully responsive website. He?s such a pleasure to work with – positive, inventive, and on-schedule. He takes the time to really listen to what is needed for the site, brings so much to the table, and Tah Dah! crafts a beautiful site. JP3 is a valued member of our team.

Sonja Turner-Montano

Owner, Design&Effect

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